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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is death cover, which provides a lump sum payment to your nominated beneficiary / beneficiaries, third party or an estate in the event that you die.

If you're the main income earner in the family, life insurance can help provide a stable financial future for your loved ones if you pass away prematurely. It can help your family cope with major household expenses, such as paying off the mortgage, education costs and funeral expenses.

Most people will have some "default" cover through their Super fund, but this is rarely enough to meet your requirements.

How much cover do I need?

Most review their term life insurance at key stages during their lives, like:

  • getting married
  • arranging a mortgage or a loan
  • starting a new job
  • the birth of children
  • buying a house
  • establishing a business

Your PlanSmart adviser is equipped to advise you in all situations. We can assist you to determine the amount of cover you require, arrange quotes from reputable life insurance companies and advise on matters like whether you should take a joint policy with your partner. You may also be able to take out Life Insurance through your Super fund, allowing you to maintain your cashflow.


Contact us to find out more or to discuss your Insurance options.


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