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If you are aged 30 to 45...

As you progress on your financial journey, you may face greater personal and career demands. You also have a fantastic opportunity to take control of your money and start getting yourself in a much stronger financial position. The financial matters you may face include a first or larger home mortgage, partnerships/marriage, as well as young children. Your priorities will be building and protecting you and your family's financial future.

As part of your overall financial plan, it is critical to review and manage your Super, take control, and get it into shape to set yourself up for retirement. The key facts you need to know about your Super are:

  • Where is it? (All in one place or everywhere? Do you need to consolidate your Super? Are you paying multiple account fees?)
  • What is your investment strategy? (How do you know what is the right investment strategy for you?)
  • What is the dollar value of your 9% employer contribution?
  • Can you make a difference with regular savings, salary sacrifice or personal contributions? (Are you eligible for government co-contributions?)

As your obligations and commitments grow, it critical that you ensure you have the right protection in place. How would your family or partner cope in the unfortunate event of your death, injury or illness? Will they be able to afford their day-to-day living expenses and pay off any debt? What will happen to all of your future plans and goals?

To provide you and your family with peace of mind, it is important to seek the right amounts and types of Life Insurance cover such as Term Life, Total & Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection. Applying for cover whilst you are healthy can be the best decision you can make. Often, putting it off for too long may mean that you will be unable to obtain adequate cover if in the future you have suffered from a significant illness or injury.

The key facts you need to know about Life Insurance are:

  • What type of cover do you need?

  • How much cover is the right amount?

  • What product features should you be selecting? (e.g. Stepped or Level premiums?)

  • How do you ensure that you will always have the right amount of cover?

If freeing up cash to pay for insurance premiums seems like a struggle for you at this stage, you may be able to take out Term Life, Total & Permanent Disability and Income Protection cover through your Super account, allowing you to maintain your current cashflow whilst having the right protection in place.

With thousands of products on the market, all with different features, its difficult to know where to start. Your PlanSmart Adviser will look after all the hard work and help you understand and manage your Super, Insurance and Investment needs every step of the way.

Contact us to help you build and protect your financial future!


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